Oil Stains on your Driveway, Garage Floor, Patio or Walkway?

Oil Stain Cleaning Company (OSCCO) effectively cleans oil-based stains and spills on concrete surfaces unlike any other company on the planet. Motor oil, lubricants, fuels, grease, cooking oils, tree sap, gum, wax, and paint are some of the stains OSCCO can clean. Our unique process achieves far better results than pressure washing or store-bought chemicals and results in a clean, uniform-looking surface that can be used immediately. Even better, when we perform our work, the results are guaranteed.

OSCCO is currently licensed in San Diego, CA, and commercially insured. We service all of San Diego County and can travel further if the situation warrants.

Contact Oil Stain Cleaning Company: Service (619) 894-6645  Accounting (619) 343-3695

OSCCO is also on the web at www.OSCCO.net. For more pictures, please see our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/oilstaincleaningcompany, or our Yelp page at www.yelp.co/biz/oil-stain-cleaning-company-san-diegoOSCCO Pictures - COWL01

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